The European BMW 330Ci 2002 (E46/M54)

Click on the pictures for a larger view. Linger upon the pictures with the mouse pointer for some descriptions of the equipment the car in the pictures is equipped with. Sorry for the bad quality of the first pictures; they were taken with a conventional camera.

The very first 9 kilometers on the meter, as I curved from BMW Tapiola (Veljekset Laakkonen) to the nearby ESSO of Tapiola on the 25th of July 2002 (12:50). The distance was a bit less than one kilometer, but the initial kilometers on the tachometer felt O.K. The TitaniumII trim, included with the Gran Turismo half-leather upholstery design and sports seats. Roof lining in anthracite. Sports suspension and Star Spoke Styling 89 -type 17 inch wheels with 225/45R17 tires (the wheels a no additional cost -option).
Bi-Xenon headlights and white side indicators. Metallic Paintwork; Topaz Blue colour. A better view on the wheels. The E46 330Ci paired with an E46 318i sedan 1999-model (on the right). ..and an ugly flashlight effect :(.

..and then some images taken with a digital camera (a conventinal camera was used in the ones before).

The E46 330Ci paired with an E46 M3 (on the left). Both same colour.. #carfreaks blue ;) Multifunction steering wheel, floor mats in velour, BMW Business Radio with CD and some other trivial options. The photographer had a flashlight on in this picture, thus the colours are somewhat distorted. A peek under the hood at the 3.0l M54 engine.
Another side-view. The cockpit, a more natural-coloured picture. For what other pupose could you possibly be inhabiting a vacated road, in the middle of the night, among some other fellow carfreaks - than the simple purpose of just playing with some High-Tech junk.
A night view of the 330Ci. MB E290 TD (modified), BMW 330Ci, BMW 325CciA (w/ hardtop), Golf V6 4motion (modified) and an Audi S4. 330Ci with Bi-Xenon lights and a 325CciA with normal lights (comparison), the pic with fogs on turned out best.
M3 Coupe, 325Ci Cabriolet with hardtop, 330Ci Coupe comparison - all topaz blue (+ a compact & some others behind). Picture from Ahvenisto. Another view (artistic, but blurry) of the three 'brothers'.

TECHNICAL DATA (BMW 3er coupe brochure -02) Performance Transmission Top speed (km/h) 250 (restricted) Std ratios (I/II:1) 4.21/2.49 Acceleration 0-100km/h (s) 6.5 (III/IV:1) 1.66/1.24 80-120km/h on 4th gear (s) 6.9 (V/R:1) 1.00/3.85 0-1000m standing km (s) 26.70 Final drive ratio (:1) 2.93 Engine Weight Cylinders/valves 6/4 Unladen, EU (kg) 1505 Capacity (cc) 2979 Max. permissible (kg) 1930 Stroke/bore (mm) 89.6/84.0 Permitted load (kg) 500 Max. output (kW/bhp/RPM) 170/231/5900 Permitted axle load, f/r 935/1075 Max. torque (Nm/lb-ft/RPM) 300/221/3500 Permitted roof load (kg) 75 Fuel Consumption Electrical system Urban (ltr/100km) 12.8 Battery capacity (Ah) 70 Extra-urban (ltr/100km) 6.9 Alternator output (A) 90 Composite (ltr/100km) 9.1 (W) 1260 CO2 emissions (g/km) 218 Tank capacity approx. (ltr) 63 Other Air resistance value 0.30 Price in Finland (9/2002) 56.600,00e (336.528,32 FIM) w/ basic options :( Price in Germany (9/2002) 35.750,00e (incl. 16% MwSt.) Price in Finland (1/2003) 55.300,00e (after EU's verdict, so not much change) Price in Finland (9/2003) 55.700,00e (basic options, facelifted) Price in Finland (4/2004) 56.200,00e Price in Finland (9/2004) 56.450,00e

The wheels in this picture are ''non-branded'' BMW M3 front wheels (on all four wheels), size 17'' with 225/45-17 tires. Another rolling shot of the 330Ci, defining the word ''refined''.

The dyno ratings for my stock car were measured at a local digital dyno shop ''Tuning World Oy'' in Veikkola, Finland on Fri 13th of June 2003. No modifications, about 28000km on the odometer, traction controls/lights/air conditioning turned off. The car seems to be a strong individual as it gave out readings of 176kW (240hp) @ 6188 RPM and 308Nm @ 3536 RPM .

We had another 330Ci with the SSG (SMG) gears also dynoed there as a comparison, its results were somewhat lower, but still slightly over the factory specifications. Here's the link to its dyno chart. Also, another friend had his E46 325 Cabriolet (automatic) measured, here is his chart.

A quick FAQ about the options and acceleration:
Message Title: Re: Sports seats & Gran Turismo design upholstery
Posted by: ruteger on 2002-09-26 at 22:31:11

They are a 'special order' in the US. And, believe me, BMWNA will make it as difficult as they possibly
can for you to get them. They will tell you repeatedly that "It Can't Be Done", even though the Gran Turismo
seats are a normal, Regular Production Option (RPO) everywhere else in the world except the US.
From: "JM"
Subject: Roadfly 330 Photos
Date:  Fri, 27 Sep 2002 00:12:44 -0700

Your car looks great!  I have the Titanium II dash and door trim also and have just ordered the Titanium
trim for the steering wheel.  The U.S. spec cars have all-black steering wheels regardless of the interior
trim color.
Message Title: 330Ci coupe manual 0-100km/h and quarter mile
Posted by: Axcu on 2002-10-01 at 17:54:11

We did some testing tonight here in Finland on a very very level (and straight) road. While we did not have
the measurement equipment available for real professionals, we did utilize a laptop with a GPS-receiver
(Rojone's GeniusUSB GPS) and the OakCalc ( GPS log-analyzer to produce some
quarter mile (0-401m) and 0-100km/h (which equals roughly 0-62mph to my knowledge) times. The air was dry
and the temperature outside just above freezing point (from 1 to 2 Celsius degrees). 

Our stock 330Ci coupe (2002 E46) performed followingly:
(none of these accelerations were 100% perfect, but tolerable)

Acceleration Run 1 
        Speed: 0-80 km/h in 4.78 seconds at 67.38 meters.
	Speed: 0-100 km/h in 6.78 seconds at 120.22 meters. 
	Distance: 0-401 m : 14.32 @ 155.16 km/h. 
Acceleration Run 2 
        Speed: 0-80 km/h in 4.65 seconds at 66.68 meters.
	Speed: 0-100 km/h in 6.47 seconds at 115.26 meters. 
	Distance: 0-401 m : 14.13 @ 155.89 km/h. 
Acceleration Run 3 
        Speed: 0-80 km/h in 4.92 seconds at 66.27 meters.
	Speed: 0-100 km/h in 6.71 seconds at 114.22 meters. 
	Distance: 0-401 m : 14.40 @ 155.79 km/h.
Acceleration Run 4 
        Speed: 0-80 km/h in 4.65 seconds at 64.67 meters.
	Speed: 0-100 km/h in 6.41 seconds at 112.57 meters. 
	Distance: 0-401 m : 14.11 @ 155.97 km/h. 
(added the 0-80 km/h results here later)
Title: Some more tests followed on Friday, 4th of Oct 2002

Acceleration Run 1
        Speed: 0-80 km/h in 4.72 seconds at 64.29 meters.
        Speed: 0-100 km/h in 6.61 seconds at 114.16 meters.
        Distance: 0-401 m : 14.33 @ 153.95 km/h.
Acceleration Run 2
        Speed: 0-80 km/h in 4.67 seconds at 64.30 meters.
        Speed: 0-100 km/h in 6.51 seconds at 113.22 meters.
        Distance: 0-401 m : 14.26 @ 153.05 km/h.

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