BatLORE, the adventure comic
             (C) Katja Louhio, 1994, 1995
       I'm happy to introduce you to a new series of comics called
       the 'BatLORE'. This comic is brought to you free by the author &
       artist herself. Enjoy the pictures, all comments welcome!

       This material has nothing to do with BatMUD and we have not been
       sponsored (or paid) by the staff who work at Balanced Alternative
       Technologies Inc. to do this comic series. Please do also
       notice the copyrights of artwork. Do NOT spread this material
       around, we would NOT appreciate it to appear in ANY BBSes, FTP/FSP
       sites or similar places (for your eyes only, mudders).

      They have been scanned with HP ScanJet Plus into .tiff format and
      then converted into .jpg format (quality rate 90%). With PCs you
      can view them with a normal .jpg-viewer, like Dvpeg found on:
         ftp.funet.fi /pub/msdos/Simtel/graphics/dvpeg30l.zip
      (With this one do F3 and Shift-S to disable Shrinking.)

SERIE(s) so far:

 -+=) The lost songs of Noitulove (=+-

      [Aug, 1994]
       two adventurers, Pash and Orda entering the cave
       a mysterious figure and the pudds
       the song of death

      [Sep, 1994]
       the meeting of new allies
       on a quest of lore
       an ambush in the caves
       a battle
      [Apr, 1995]
       the enemy
          + rescanned LOST5.JPG (the .jpg was bugged)
       a theme picture 
       inn of the four winds?

Artwork & almost everything else by Katja Louhio (Orda).
Scanning & directory hosting by me (Amarth Shadowstring).
NOTE: all reasonable publishers, feel free to get in contact.

++ LAST EDITED: 10-Apr-1995,  Amarth Shadowstring