BayCon 2001

Baycon 2001 was a pleasantly disorganized affair. People kindof showed up when they wanted to, and left when they needed to. The three general phases were (1) Chaste's apartment, with Silea, Ooga, Chaste, Aldus (+wife and child), Maceo, and Ichigo; (2) Everyone, except Ichigo, goes to dinner at a chinese food restaurant; and (3) Silea, Ooga, Chaste, Ichigo, and Flynne go to a billiards hall to, surprise, play some pool.

Phase 1:

-1- The group plays WizWar. Clockwise from bottom left: Aldus, Chaste, Aldus' wife (Stephanie), Silea (hiding behind her cards), and Maceo.
-2- Aldus concentrates on the game, while Chaste makes a smartass comment.
-3- Ooga concentrates on his next move, while Aldus observes, and Chaste makes more smartass comments.
-4- The cloth thing that Silea carried all over Australia, advertising the wonders of batmud to complete strangers who always kindof looked at her funny and backed away.
-5- Chaste in a funny pose, while Aldus Just Looks Cool.
-6- Wierd. Just plain wierd. A double exposure, remarkably hard to do with film-and-camera-in-one dealies. One pic appears to be Chaste's carpet, while the other is Ooga trying to get Silea to hold still for the pic.
-7- Silea, curled up in a little jet-lagged ball, ignores Ooga completely as he encourages her to get up and let someone take a picture.
-8- Aldus being silly, with Chaste and Maceo in the background.

Phase 2:

-9- Maceo, Chaste, Aldus, Ooga, Silea.
-10- Maceo concentrates on separating his chopsticks, while Aldus concentrates intensely on folding a chopsticks-stand out of the chopsticks-wrapper.
-11- It's not really a BatCon until someone passes out drunk. Well, she wasn't drunk, but hey, take what you get...the poor girl is only a few years old.

Phase 3:

-12- Flynne stares blankly as a surprise picture is taken.
-13- A really really poorly lit shot, but the only evidence that the conners actually went to the pool-hall. It's Silea sitting on the edge of the table trying to line up a shot.