Asolo quaks ',-----------------------------------------------------------------------------.'
Asolo quaks '| Party Name: Explore!                     (Members:  2) | Exp Tot:         0 |'
Asolo quaks '| Created: Sun Apr 9 19:41:51 2001         ( 0h  0m  5s) | Exp/min:         0 |'
Asolo quaks '|========================================================|====================|'
Asolo quaks '| Place  Name      Status      HP         SP        EP   | Lvl |   Experience |'
Asolo quaks '|========================================================|=====|==============|'
Asolo quaks '| 1.2   Asolo          ldr  1237(1237) 358(358)  303(303)|  x  |            0 |'
Asolo quaks '| 2.2   Rutaliator     fol  324(324)   1454(1454)323(323)|  x  |            0 |'
Asolo quaks '`-----------------------------------------------------------------------------''
This is room Asolo's workroom.
Obvious exits are: out.
Asolo the human 
Rutaliator the demon 
three bottles of beers
an empty flask labeled Regeneration
small hill of mowgles coins

>tell nasu list
You tell Nasu 'list'
Nasu tells you 'The information you requested.'
The following persons have signed up for the Boatcon:
Little Wizling, Baltzebub, Bestrafer, Beyond, Brock, Capula, Ceewu,
Citadel, Dalah, Damo, Damogles, Demo, Dino, Disaster, Dreoca, Durtle, Era,
Evendon, Facekiller, Fimir, Gildron, Gluff, Hablo, Hampuusi, Headway,
Heze, Hitch, Jaemen, Laaban, Lampsa, Letrebil, Macala, Mandrake, Masteri,
Mihkali, Morglum, Muudi, Mysteryman, Nargar, Nina, Nufan, Pietu, Qurp,
Reyalp, Rutaliator, Sai, Samebi, Seiven, Shumrena, Skie, Sunshine,
Yamabushi and Zin.
53 of max 94 players have signed up.
Evendon wiggles his bottom.

>scan all
Graxrah is in excellent shape.
Nargar is in excellent shape.

Ceewu checks Nina's worn eq.
You sigh.
Rutaliator gasps in astonishment.

You grin wickedly, making cutting gestures and chant 'likz az zurgeeon'
Ceewu is now female.

Your equipment:
Wielded in right hand: A swirling potion labeled as Gin_long_drink
Finger: Golden ring 
Head: White cap without capthing
Worn: robes of death and destruction
Aura: a faintly radiating image of a skeleton 
You have little protection against general damage.
You have meager protection against bashing.
You have little protection against cutting.
You have little protection against stabbing.
This is cabin 2079 there is wooden door leading out.
Crystal door leading out (open).
Obvious exits: out.
Elite guard with Siljaline police tag
Silja guard blocks your way!
Silja guard grunts 'You are not allowed to party on corridor ceewu!'.
You sulk in the corner.
Silja guard leaves out.

Your marvelous dexterity avoids a nasty ambush!
Ceewu [Party] Avoided ambush!
Silja guard cackles 'Go ahead, Ceewu, make my day!'
This is corridor.
Obvious exits: forward, backward, cabin2079.
Elite guard with siljaline police tag
pile of trash
many cigarette butts
You sulk in the corner.

>look at corpse
This is the dead body of Drunken boatcon attendant
It looks heavy.
        Corpse contains:
50 silver coins
>poke corpse
Nothing happens.
>lord_chaos blood corpse
Dino holds The_/\/ECCU over the still form of her fallen foe.
You can't possibly eat more. You discard rest of the food.
>lord_chaos save
The_/\/ECCU saved.

>look at asolo
Asolo the human boatcon attendant
He is slightly hurt.
        Asolo's equipment:
Head, neck, both hands, upper body and legs and feet: standard party suit
Wielded in right hand: A cigarrette 
Asolo yawns tiredly.
You hear some noise above you.

@Nigga kisses you gently on the cheek.

Asolo the human is covered by jism.
Asolo removes pants.
@Asolo smiles hornily.

You go 'EWWWW!' in disgust.
% Connection to BatMud closed by foreign host.
---- No world ----

@Asolo is camping.

Dreoca [wanted] Summon to civilization, paying!

This is cabin 2083. 
Obvious exits: out.
Durtle the Minotaur is sleeping here.
beer can (empty)
cider can (half full)
many cigarrete butts
>la durtle
Durtle the Minotaur is sleeping here.
He is in bad shape.
       Durtle's equipment:
Head, neck, both hands, upper body and legs and feet: a standard party clothes
Left hand: clock
Right hand: bands of entrance
Durtle grunts 'Hp: 1837 (1837) Sp: 58 (58) Ep: -355 (392).'
The foul smell here makes you almost puke!