Evendon, Hablo, Durtle, Gluff, Beyond
People at SC
Alder posing, Hablo, Zin at background
Ceewu dressed up all pretty
Ceewu getting ready to be male again
Hitch and Sai
Sai and Hitch getting kinky
Sai, Hitch and Era
More ppl at SC
Zin and Hablo
Mug (no clue about this one)
Dalah, Nufan
Reyalp licking the wall.
Zarx, Laaban, Mysteryman
Reyalp, Zarx, Laaban, Mysteryman
Reyalp, Zarx, Laaban, Caitline
Reyalp, Caitline, Beyond, Mysteryman and Fimir sitting on Caitline's lap.
Evendon grinning pervertedly
Hitch, Fimir
Jaemen, Evendon, Laaban, Durtle
Sai being dim mak'ed
Macala drinking beer
Gildron making a face
Durtle, Hitch
People at Stardust
Baltzebub hiding behind Cigarettebox
Jaemen, Zin, head, Durtle, Hitch, Dino, half a head, Skie
People at Stardust
More ppl at Stardust
Evendon, Nina, people
Hablo, Zin, Evendon
Zin, Hablo, Jaemen
Zin's hands + phone
Sai singing karaoke, Hitch performing
Samebi, Shumrena, Sai, non-mudder
Graxrah eating sophisticatedly
Mysteryman eating something suspicious
Evendon, Laaban, Hablo
Evendon, Laaban, Hablo, Beyond, Mysteryman
Dalah riding the cart, Mandrake and Nufan
Evendon, Baltzebub
Baltzebub with smelly socks
Zin, Hablo, Damo, Beyond, Morglum, Muudi, Macala
Alder, Era, Pietu, Brock doing the X stance
Zin, Hablo, Jaemen, Mysteryman behind Nina, Disaster, Asolo
Beyond, Baltzebub, Seiven at front, Alder, Lampsa and Jaemen behind
Lots of ppl again
Zin, Hablo
Hand, Mysteryman, Hablo, Asolo, Disaster, Nina
Sai, Disaster's head, Nina
Nina plaiting Era's beard
Jaemen, Shumrena, Gluff, Samebi
Hablo, table decorated by Hablo, Damo
Damo, Hablo
Hablo sleeping comfortably
Baltzebub & Disaster entering drinking contest initiated by Baltzebub
Pietu, Evendon, Damo, Samebi, Reyalp, Citadel, Baltzebub drinking late
Baltzebub and Disaster, boozing continues.
Baltzebub drinking with both hands
Disaster drinking.
Citadel, Disaster unconscious (watch the beercan) and Baltzebub
And there goes Kepustan beer.
Baltzebub and Evendon after the ritual of "Getting Banned"
Evendon showing the closed door.
Sai after chesting most of his eq.
Damo resting, Sai with the sock
Sai having fun with Hablo the next day
Hablo getting ready to get going.
King Beyond Death
Evendon, King Zilver, Sai, Hampuusi's back, Dreoca
Condoms of Glory beginning. Sai, Laaban, Nargar, Hampuusi (blowing), dreoca sitting. Zin's crown on top left corner
Evendon, Hablo and king Zin supervising, Sai desperately trying to fit condom around his head, Laaban and Hampuusi blowing condoms with noses, Nargar behind Sai, Dreoca sitting and asolo cheats by blowing the condom with his mouth.
Laaban with a big beak (winning the contest)
Asolo being really cute, with brand new hairstyle
Sai and Era
Nice veins (hands of Mysteryman and Hitch)
Hitch trying to set a trap, Beyond defends
Hitch riding a vehicle
Hitch raiding shuttle, Sai participating.
Hitch falls off, no major injuries
Sai riding casually
Lampsa, Brock and Alder
Hablo, Zin and Evendon (the shots are burning, damn flash)
Sai posing with Gluff-babe
Shumrena and Gluff
Hanging around in Stardust
Nina and Zin
Zin and Hablo drinking
Evendon and Hampuusi
Evendon having fun with Caitline
Samebi, Dancing Queen Gluff and Shumrena
Beyond, Hitch hanging on Durtle.
Boobs. Picture by Durtle.
Evendon talking to Macala pants down, Muudi trying to ignore him. Hitch laughing
Hitch sleeping on chair, beercases and corner of bed
Damo, Zin, Laaban getting hit by Storm Axe, Durtle wielding the axe, nina and ? watching
Durtle on top of Evendon, feeding him something
Asolo taking a nap, still cute.
Hablo on his bed, Hitch after 3 hours of sleeping
Evendon and Durtle run out of endurance points at SC only 30 minutes before boat reaching shore.
Hitch sleeps standing.