Boatcon 2002

 Hampuusi and statue
 Facekiller and knotted gun
 a HUGE statue
 Swedish girls
 FKiller asking merchant services
 The winding staircase disappears up into the darkness of the upper levels.
 #2 Cavalier's helmet .................... ( 7780, 1, superb, 3.70 kg)
 #1 Cavalier's breastplate ............... ( 7400, 1, good, 7.58 kg)
 Ässes from city street
 A horned multicoloured demon (undead)
 LQ : Machine (challenging)
 Sai Kaikilta is a level 80 mortal of the Ogre race.
 Arachon with Demon's mask
 Laaban Laupea
 Swedish girls + ?mudder
 Hampuusi, Gaurhoth, Naked and ?
 Glaurung, Gildron, Maejt, Huppu, Walor, Gore and Zarx
 Dreoca, Huppu sitting, Maejt and Walor
 Glaurung and Letrebil
 Road to south cross
 Kanniaalio+ : Laaban, Caitline and Fimir
 Laaban and Caitline a.k.a Kissalinja
 Fimir Badseed prisoner number 666999
 Laaban, Facekiller and Caitline
 Some drunken mudders ;)
 Gildron, Roscop and a cart labeled 'bissee' 
 Laaban wandering 
 Mcgurmee, Maejt and Dreoca 
 Mcgurmee and Maejt
 Walor, Caius (hiding), Kai, Stungor and Teiohx 
 Laaban and Heze with loc blades, Gildron and Zarx eating 
 Heze and Huppu at SC

Pictures by Facekiller and Hampuusi 05/2002