BoatCon 2k.1 pics - page 1 Thanks to all who contributed by being there!
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Mud people.

Qurp, Gildron, Bloodhunter

Hoppalon with his clothes on!

Suron, Sai, Nina, Gaurhoth

Qurp, me, Carlyle

Gore and Nina

Odina, Mitja, Glaurung

Zach, Nina, Gaurhoth giving me the finger

Zaerth, the philosopher

Armak, Farthon, Glaurung, Malystryx, Headway, Elnid, Heze

Nina going 'duh', Amarth, Yorkaturr, Gideon

Half of Gildron's head, Yorkaturr, Gideon

Qurp, Toag, Reann, ?, Odina

Baltzebub, Headway, Elnid, Masteri

Glaurung, Armak, ?

What's going on here? ?, Nagash, Barso, Ulax

Alvin, Half-heads: Hablo, Sai, Nina

Alvin, Baltzebub, Yannis

Bloodhunter, Hablo, Hitch

Someone labeled unstable mutation potion as Minttu, doh.

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