Boatcon '99.
Amarth Zorc, Belzoni and Goretongue
Quadra Alvin
Dracandross, Zona and Greatorian Zorc and Belzoni
Yog Windblown Tedra
Tomba Zorc and Tedra, sitting in a tree..
Sweden Sweden, Again
Sinister and Sly Sai
Some Cool Puppet Guy Odina, Miksa and Continuity
McGurmee's Talented Tongue McGurmee and his Infamous Friend
Headway and the Britts Cloud Watching Kato
The Britts, Goofing Around Headway, with an Interesting Background
Greatorian Goretongue and Spid
Dracandross and Zona One Blurred Zona
One Blurred Radagast Alvin and Greatorian
Sinister, Not so Mean aww, Quandville
The Actual Boat! The President's Office
Kultamarja, Nina and Spid Headway and Alvin
The boat close up Tedra, McGurmee, Moss and Kato
MC had a little too much to drink... Kultamarja and Nina
Woyz and Spid Some of our boys on stage
Tomba and Nina Woyz and Dayel