I'm a mercenary, I take no Prisoners*

Axl and Schnucki - discusing world peace (Axl is on the left)

Axl and Tixe - Axl drinks as Tixe umm scratches his face...

Axl, kalay, Schnucki, Poet, and Dwilgar - from left to right, I'm (poet) the one giving the sign of the beast

Group shot - This is from all who went to Trippers for beer and trivia. Starting from the left Schnucki, Dwilgar, Stingray(?), Aurthra, Birdie, Fulgore, Shadowjack, Haulk(?), Axl, Kalay.

Backlash, Shadowjack, Axl, and Haulk(?) - Axl shows how much he loves archwizards

Shadowjack - hmmm just...Shadowjack, ahh how cute ;)

Another group shot - This one is in one of the hotel rooms. Starting from left to right Pinkfloyd, Tsengi, Kalay, Jalin, Correl(?), Aruthra, Tixe, Marvin (behind tixe), Haulk, Phantros, Alaron (in the back corner), (unknown), Stalgrad.

Toi and Dragonfly - The guy sitting on the far left is Braik, oh and a TP to the guy who can identify those fingers in the conner of the pic.

Stalgrad poses for the camera - Stalgrad is BatMUD's Nuclear Physicist. Phantros is in the back there, and whos back is that?

Tsengi and Pinkfloyd tell the world how they feel about fruitbats

Morgause nude - slightly blury

Morgause smiles for the camera - She drives a mean saturn...oooo...fear....

Phantros - He survived Batcon 97 and all we got was this dumb picture ;P

Tank - Tank is sitting in front of his AMS (advanced muding station)

Alaron contemplates your removal - Thats Tsengi in the back and the pony tail belongs to Axl

Pinkfloyd and Kalay let you know whos in charge

Grandpa Schnucki gives us youngsters a ride around town - thats my finger to the left

Another group shot - We are outside some museum, might be a museum of art, but I could be wrong. Starting with those on the steps from left to right Kalay, Haydn, Tsengi, and Phantros. In the back, (unknown), Alaron, (unknown), (unknown) and , (unknown)!

Morgauses car surounded by evil mudders - Kalay tries to catch the photographer

NEW Fulgore vists some of the local establishments - Birdie was also present to take part in the show but requested that his picture not be scanned (chicken!) (NOTE: This picture contains graphic nudity)

Thats it for now, more to follow as I get them!

* actual quote from a Detroit local who bumped into Schnucki

Hey my memory is really bad so let me (Poet) know if i have made a mistake or two!

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