Hey, do not take this page too seriously ;)

Here are the pictures of the UNSPOKEN Boatcon, held during the Juhannus of 2000, a midsummer festival when all Finnish people gather around the thousands of lakes (lake Päijänne is actually a huge, long waterway) and have huge bonfires.

This Boatcon was strictly invitation only for a posse of carefully picked HARDCORE BatMUDders. Of course we have censored many of the obscene pictures but here are the many nice happy fun going ones that were decided to be released into the public of this highly special and clandestine secret convention.

To our relief, Asikkalan Necromanceri left us alone on this trip. However his presence could be felt as a chill in the backbone during the long quiet nights of terrorizing silence. (Asikkalan Necromancer has made many famous appearances on the Chat show of TVTV!, from the first day it was viewable in Helsinki. Rumours tell that this gaunt ages old man goes on his own business as the almost-undead gravedigger during the windiest nights at the cemetary of Asikkala).

1. the Sysmä area was full of pretty women but we thought it better to chill with the usual posse first
2. Concentrating on the essentials, no matter what time it is
3. the Darkbaron (his baron de luv's radar is warming up)
4. Tuuba caught putting on a shirt during a warm midsummer morning (enjoying a mäkinen)
5. Glaurung and Shardik chilling at Lake Päijänne
6. Glaurung in summergear (+ Shardik's hand testing the flow of air)
7. ..still at the yoga
8. Glaurung and an unidentified visitor with stolen cap & sunglasses
9. **warning** Totally nude, all crew went swimming several times in the lake of Northern frost
10. a wasted pretty homeboy
11. Darkbaron taking the stance of a captain, Tuuba and Glaurung - as the local farmers
12. Flag of the yacht club, the sea (lake) and Shardik - artistic picture
13. reportedly an arkkiwelho known by the name 'Amarth' - those glasses are aslant, aren't they
14. Illu 'Tuuba' Sorvari reaching for some more cold beer in the fridge
15. ~40 liters of beer + hard liquours you can't expect the place to be tidy
16. an incognito someone and an unsuspecting Glaurung
17. wasted darkest baron and the girl (ps. my call could not be made through)
18. the Sith lord, warming up the hate of the dark side
19. Glaurung experiencing 27 knots in a sleeping bag
20. the tranquil moments on a perfectly calm lake, cruising at top speed
21. all boats were inspected of suitable wimmen, Darkbaron on the watch
22. the Cocoon ..or should it be called a wind tunnel?
23. a rapis^H^H^H^H^Ha fake Sith lord who had problems lighting a cigar - tossed it into the ocean
24. the lake Päijänne, whole midsummer was very sunny and waters still
25. the true Sith lord, taking a chill
26. a lake Päijänne picture, and the front of our little cruiser
27. a view to the back
28. Suddenly, hideous rays of pure energy STRIKE down at you and your body shakes. Greater forces protect you from death's grasp
29. a fuzzy picture of a swan couple we passed by 15 meters afar
30. ..another. Wish the camera was a bit better than a Casio QV100
31. the Suopelto docks, a lot of boats were on the move there
32. best Midsummer partying place in the Sysmä area, best karaoke - also featuring Jämsän Paroni, Darkbaron's new idol
33. a drunken fisherman, came staring down at us - no idea what he wanted
34. talk about hung over, three days of boozing taking its toll on the sailors

The huge 'round-trip' included visiting the following places: Sysmä, Suopelto, Kelvene-area, Heinola, Vääksy and Lahti.

Attendees: Amarth 'Axu / arkkiwelho' Shadowstring, Teemu 'Shardik' Double-D Fly, Illu 'Tuuba' Bison-Sorvari, Lauri 'Glaurung' Sith lord and Tummaparoni 'Barbaarintappaja / Darkbaron'; paroneista synkin.