Neumarkt con 2001

Drum, Oak, Harambikkel and Aydjen in the biergarten.


Aydjen and Harambikkel


Aydjen, Harambikkel, Drum, Oak and Loderunner

Harambikkel in a ruin

View of Neumarkt.

At the camping barbequeing, Loderunner, Oak, Aydjen and Harambikkel.

Harambikkel has a camera in his hand.. but all his pictures failed.


Oak had too much to eat?

It's getting dark.

At Loderunner's place we played roborally. Lupo and Loderunner

Harambikkel, Oak, Lupo and Loderunner.
Lupo is smiling because he probably already knew he was gonna win.


Is the game difficult Oak?

Harambikkel, Oak, Lupo and Loderunner.