QsamoCon -02

Day 1

1.Fierce red eyed creature.
2.Comax and Sirdar playing some Arena 5 before con!
3.Hannah and Tap.
4.Hannah and Malystryx on background.
5.Mari (Comax's Gf) and Malystryx.
7.Sirdar posing.
8.Some B&W picture of Mari and Malystryx.
9.Frightening Comax.
10. Malystryx trying to hide.
11. Many bears were slain during this con.
12. Zei with "How are YOU doing?"-face.
13. Gilchrist and half of the ass belongs to hannah prolly.
14. Qurp, is that program on tv really that terrible?
15. Sami
16. Comax and Hannah warming up.
17. Sirdar with explosives!
18. Mari and Hannah.
19. Sirdar and Tap gathering some STUFF.
20. STUFF in close-up
21. Alcohol and explosives. What else do you need?
22. Zei joins the party.
23. Zei looking for STUFF.
24. Mari tasted something sweet from her glass.
25. Party continues, notice sour whole milk jar on table also.
26. Package is getting ready.
27. Sirdar showing fuse to Zei.
28. Sirdar checking cellphone.
29. Sirdar and Tap with big knife.. was this guy on psycho?
30. Its allmost ready!
31. Zei and Hannah.
32. Fireplace, do you smell gunpowder?
33. Tap finishing the package and Comax wonders about this and that.
34. Malystryx and Zei.
35. Hannah and Tap alfresco.
36. Sirdar smoking, behind is Barfast(irc) trying to fly.
37. Sirdar lighting fuse of THE Bomb!
38. And there it goes.
39. That was cool HeHe hehe.
40. Uuh it really blow up and made a crater.
41. Alcohol,explosives and lit cigarette what is only thing that can happen?
42. Its time to blow someone's eye out. Hannah lighting and Sirdar holding "candle".
43. Tap shoots fireball towards Sirdar.
44. Lets dance, its freezing! Notice +coldress mittens on stairs.
45. You want some of this?!?

Day 2

46. Kozma has decided to drink himself in drunk!
47. Capula,Qurp,Zei,Demo and Gilchrist.
48. Capula,Qurp playing cards, Zei trying to hide behind winebottle but fails. Gilchrist and Demo also playing cards and Tap on background.
49. Its Qurps turn to shuffle. Zei watching tv.
50. Comax and Mari at background.
51. Zei and Kozma starting up a new day!
52. Tap.
53. Malystryx smiling happily.
54. Sirdar picking on his cellphone.
55. New bomb project.
56. Qurp and Capula playing cards.
57. Demo.
58. Hannah getting drunk?
59. Building it up.
61. Outside twiddling with bombs.
62. Tap with his Wand of magic.
63. Sirder lit the fuse time to run.
64. Ehhhhhh.
65. More Ehhhhh.
66. No stars but some snowflakes.
67. And we have a lift off.
68. Explosives firing up, kinda hard to catch those...
69. Jippii, more snowflakes.
70. Mari watching lift off of a rocket.
71. Kozma feeding the hellhound under the table? Sirdar shows some cardtricks.
72. Mari
73. Tap,Malystryx,Hannah.
74. Kozma getting wiz-info about salmiac booze from Sirdar.
75. Capula
76. Another close-up from Capula
77. Kozma reading newspaper.
78. Tap advertising olvi? and Malystryx.
79. Fine piece of art. Notice +cold resistance gear and christmas tree.
80. Gilchrist.
81. Qurp.
82. Sirdar.
83. Hello, I am Hannah!
84. Capula emptying fridge.
85. Demo is drinking beer!
86. Knight with baguette!
87. Capula goes "Peace!".
88. Zei in phone.
89. Kozma still reading same newspaper.
90. Qurp is getting ready for a smoke.
91. Sirdar,Demo,Malystryx and Mari warming.
92. Smoking inside was forbidden.
93. And there they are smoking :-(
94. Malystryx realizes that they are in candid camera.
95. Capula choking on his baguette sword.
96. Tap checking the time from watch that he dont have.
97. Hanging around.
98. Gilchrist drinking some whisky.
99. Project: Clean up.
100. Malystryx,Qurp and christmas tree.
101. Gilchrist cleaning carpet.
102. Sirdar,Hannah,Tap,Zei,Demo around the table.
103. Same dudes.
104. From different angle, is Demo reading newspaper or is he meditating?
105. Cute boy Zei.
106. Mari with fierce red eyes.
107. Kozma in corner.
108. Kozma,Zei,Capula
109. Hannah's sister, she worked as a driver for dudes who wanted to bar.
110. Hannah and his sister.
111. Capula,Hannah,Tap getting ready for party in bar.
112. Hannah's sister.
113. She is driving....
114. Batconmobile?
115. Is it full or is it full?
116. And here we go.
117. Demo,Malystryx,Qurp and Kozma.
118. Malystryx.
119. Qurp burps rudely.
120. Kozma.
121. And lots of fireworks again.
122. What is Sirdar doing?!?
123. More is better?
124. Ill shoot these straight there.
125. Playing with fireworks.
126. Lighting up more fireworks.
127. Some sparkles in air.
128. Sirdar is imitating something?
129. Did those end already?
130. Qurp from behind.
131. Hazy picture.
132. People got out of bar and started dancing on table.
133. Still dancing.
134. Umh, wtf guys got girl with em from bar? Is she pocahontas?
135. Rocking chair broke and now Hannah is performing mouth to mouth on Capula.
136. Broken chair, Hannah and Capula wrestling, Capula doesnt want to be rescued?
137. Zei arrives to help and Hannah is knocked down.
138. Group Orgy!
139. Hannah and Zei hugging.
140. Tap and "Pocahontas" posing.
141. Tap helping someone up.
142. Wrestlemania.
143. Hannah wins!
144. More wrestling.
145. Zei with "kiukku" in back of Sirdar!

More Pictures by Malystryx