This is the second serie of BatMud Convention pics, taken in some time
summer -93, I don't remember the date(s). I had to make them B&W pics
because of the original pictures were of bad quality and the scanner made
them look pretty unviewable. But I think you can live with these too.

ara.gif	-	A rubber.. hmm... something :) Quadra is next to me,
		wondering when the whole thing will explode.

ara_wet.gif - 	Hehe.. after a little accident with the beer, I got
		soooo wet... Notice the straw, I have no idea where it
		came from :)

group.gif - 	Questor, Tri and Whizz

meet.gif - 	Amarth, Jaf and his brother Questor trying to figure
		out the meaning of mudlife.

hole.gif - 	A big group picture taken in a certain cellar - from left
		to right are: You, Quadra, Starbyt, Arakorni and Whizz.

yo.gif - 	Yo the disco duck.

zlene.gif - 	Lenexa is introduced to a wonder of the new technology:
		A broken rubber :) Zonni, the specialist, offers his
		insights *grin*