These pictures are the best of 150 taken during what I like to call Teiohxfest. Basically I decided to take a trip to Finland between May 23rd and June 2nd. Ended up meeting a lot of mudders and having a great time. Since I forgot my camera from time to time, I didn't get pictures of everyone. Some of the people I met or was told I met(I was very drunk some of these times so i could be wrong) that aren't in the pictures include: Yannis, Coran, Yorkaturr, Alvin, Barso, Farthon, Sieni, Darkbaron, Acidia, Lux, Gaurhoth, Gildron, and of course, Arachon. I may have missed a few, but anyway, most of these people contributed to my having a good time in Finland so a special thanks to all them. On to the pictures...
1.Sirdar helps me get drunk a mere 4 hours after my arrival in Finland.

2. My wonderful hosts Malystryx and Sirdar pose for the camera... sort of.

3. Sirdar and I enjoy icecream on the steps of some cathedral.

4. Even reindeer like Fanta!

5. Malystryx tries to remove the sunglasses that somehow became tangled in her hair.

6. No pictures exist of the trip to the bar friday night, but here is a lovely one of Huppu taken on saturday morning.

7. Walor and Huppu get a little closer. Sirdar looks on in the background.

8. From left to right: Walor, Evendon, and Samebi.

9. From left to right: Samebi, Elise(non-mudder) and Tanja(non-mudder) hit the dance floor.

10. Pretty much the same as the last picture, just taken a few moments later.

11. Very strange picture. Extreme close up of Samebi with Evendon in the background.

12. Sirdar smiles while Tanja sits on Samebi's lap.

13. A sign that I liked.

14. A very cool picture of Sirdar and a cigarette.

15. Malystryx grabs Shumrena before she is able to turn away from the camera.

16. The end result of a water ride at Linnanmäki. Sirdar, Shumrena and myself can all be seen onboard.

17. The best ride.

18. Sirdar gives it a go.

19. Sushi...

20. My last night in Finland... From left to right: Masteri, a girl(Sirdar knows the name, I don't), Anakin, Heze, Sirdar, Walor, and Nina.

21. From left to right: Malystryx poses with Gore and Nina. Glaurung stares off into space.

22. From left to right : Malystryx and Nina seem nicely drunk. About 3/4 of Walor's face can be seen smiling at the camera as well.

23. From left to right: Sirdar, a girl, Shumrena, Anakin, and Heze.

24. Moving my camera just a bit since the last picture we find this... Some guy I don't know looks on while Sirdar takes care of the girl.

25. Sirdar tries to remedy the situation with a vodka/battery.

26. From left to right: Masteri, Julia (non-mudder), Malystryx dancing.

27. Glaurung is evil...

28. From left to right: Heze, Anakin and Sirdar.

29. I decided to dance and I'm wearing a hood. Walor(headless) and Nina can also be seen.

30. I don't remember this picture being taken, but this is Shumrena and I.

31. Pretty much the same thing, but this one was taken on the dance floor.

32. My favorite picture. From left to right: Shumrena, myself(Teiohx), and Malystryx.

33. The bar closed and it would be time for me to fly home in a few hours so I took one last picture of Walor and Huppu. Nice guys even though Huppu spent most of our conversations asking me whether or not I would like to see his penis...

34. A great picture of those two people I don't know and Sirdar.

35. A classic picture of Malystryx right about the time she was supposed to take me to the airport. Thankfully Masteri got me a taxi :).

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