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Oak's Campcon 2001 Pics

After some customs trouble the canadians and the german arrive at night and set up tents in complete darkness (here: Gegtik and Ewige)
Melemkor, Ewige, ?, Entropy, Gegtik
Wintergreen, Smash, Melemkor, Ewige
Sickballs the turtle watching over the fire, everyone else is asleep
The Lake
Little Canada: everyone is still asleep, now where's my flag...
Kracklen, Deathseeker, Matt (local), Entropy, Mike (local), Fnor
Melemkor taking pictures
Mike (local), Fnor, Melemkor and Gegtik (who has trouble with his camera, sniff)
Fnor, Ewige, Getik, food :)
Armagon, Gegtik, Entropy, Boggles, Talibah
Shinarae, Melemkor
Highbie talk in Little Canada: Brillo, Darian, Ewige
Now that's a fire
Aruthra, Zariah (maybe better known as Carmen), Melemkor, Ewige, Gegtik, Deathseeker
Tedra, Boggles, Talibah, Shinarae
Gegtik is thirsty, but not for long anymore. Boggles operating the keg
What a night...
Elwood, Fubaria, Deathseeker, Duke. Gegtik and Entropy in background
Elwood, Tank, Crackfiend, Duke, Armagon preparing for the fight
Navy test boat
Darian (with back to camera), Gegtik, Melemkor, Aruthra, Zariah, Ewige, Fnor, Boggles
Long queue for burgers.. yummy
Shinarae, Jacen's back, Blayke, Tedra, Coren, Toi, Gegtik