Silea and Ooga are the last to leave
tyril's keg stand
Darian's keg stand
Rika dives in!
More please
Banba is up
Elwood would not be denied!
ooga and silea in the cold indiana weather
Darian and Rika (the test tube shot was recovered)
Tedra decides to look closer than Darian for the test tube(Mike in background in shock)
Elwood's drunken musical chair challenge
Blayke dives for the musical chair (log) to win
What the hell is that ?
midnight mud party
The canadian campfire before it was big
The 'blow up doll' riding the budweiser blimp
Parking lot view
When mudders drive cars drunk
Fire missiles!
Tank and shasta
group shot
Lil' canada was invaded (someone stole the tiny canadian flag right before pic was taken)
The keg stands begin!
Matt conteplating the tedra song
sick balls in his lair
campcon hamburger and jerky meat being prepared prior to campcon
ewige, fnor, melemkor, banba ?
A happy Melemkor!
Banba and Fnor
Gegtik in the house
ganelon, matt, duke, fubaria, elwood
'old man' ganelon
Tyril with Gazoo the green martian from the Flinstones on his shoulder
ramjett superbird
armagon, mike, banba (post sunburn armagon)
elwood checking out freakyfox
duke and fubaria with an anti arch zone around them
shinarae action card (with tedra)
silea hungover ?
classic banba pose
tyril and banba
blayke and matt(with star wars cloak)