Banba and Silea Entropy sees the world through beer-colored glasses

Ramjett Entropy giggles like a schoolgirl

A party gathers Andrew and Tyril idle

Necessities for campcon Tedra returns a stolen chair

Silea starts concentrating on a spell Banba tries to con someone into refilling his empty beer cup

Armagon Ramjett falls for the old 'hey, what's that behind you!' gag

Elwood stares longingly at the keg-shed Brillo, Duke, Tyril, and Darian

Andrew, Ganelon, Entropy, and Blayke Ooga and Armagon launch bottle rockets, while Ganelon and Darian idle nearby

Ganelon and Darian stare at something on the ground, while Headless Duke, Armagon, and Tyril wander around Ramjett relaxes, completely unaware that Little Black Ridinghood has snuck up behind him

Armagon and Ooga play with fireworks, while Tyril wields his camera of +embarassing pictures Tyril and Ooga again

Duke, Armagon, Ganelon, Darian, Tyril Elwood utilizes the bottlerocket launching pole

Matt poses for the camera The fire, in its dormant state

Everyone loves the keg-shed Ooga goes 'boom!'

Darian, Duke, Tyril, Brillo, Elwood Tyril hides behind an archwizard

Ramjett and Blayke An action shot of Fubaria and Mike (non-mudder)

Duke shows the silly mortals how Archwizards launch bottlerockets Ganelon does the hokey-pokey

Brillo makes things explode and stuff Idling in the shade

Duke, Fubaria, Freekyfox, Elwood Banba and Andrew, over in the canadian-free section

Stalgrad sunbathes Stalgrad, always the center of attention

umm, yeah ...

more still Stalgrad gets a little action from Talibah

Talibah can't keep his hands off her What can i say, she's the hottie lesbian mudder chick

Entropy isn't good enough for Stalgrad Silea flees Stalgrad's advances

Stalgrad licks Sickballs Shinarae

People Hannibal, Talibah, and Ewige watch the show

Entropy stands up in front of the audience Yes, the lake really is that shade of green

Hannibal regens (with part of Tedra in the foreground) Tyril and Andrew make the long hike back from the car

Tyril gets a turn with Stalgrad Tedra and Stalgrad have a hottie-mudder-chick moment

Kracklen gets some action Ooga thought Stallie needed some umm...'inflating'...

Brillo deflects an airborne Stalgrad Stalgrad joins the conversation

Some people enjoy Stalgrad's company, while others play catch People and stuff

Auto-erotic asphyxiation? People and stuff

Stallie does a lap-dance for Melemkor idle-chatting

Brillo complains about how much his LoC blade sucks, and others comfort him in his distress Armagon, Duke, Fubaria, and Ganelon return from Little Canada

How archwizards get the girls Elwood and Freekyfox

Stalgrad comforts Ramjett, as Silea looks on Matt goes for a swim

Mike jumps in too Entropy debates the merits of swimming in neon-green water

Entropy says 'to hell with it!' Entropy takes one for the team

Ramjett and Silea observe the aquatic antics Ewige, Tyril, and Fnor prepare to bombard the swimmers

Armagon serinades Fubaria, Shinarae, and Duke Brillo, Shinarae, Darian, Tedra, Ewige, Gegtik, Rika

Fnor and Ganelon hydrate Silea shows off her PPG hat

Melemkor grabs a chair and heads for a shadier spot Ramjett follows suit

Crackfiend explains to Tyril and Brillo that there are 3 people, but only 2 beers Gegtik and Shinarae, with the beer discussion continuing in the background

Live music, provided by Armagon and company Elwood and Freekyfox go cruising

...but are soon bombarded by land-based artillery The fire waits in fear of the canadians

Rika, Gegtik, Crackfiend, and Shinarae Tedra goes in search of shade

Entropy casts Killing Cloud Entropy gets an evil idea

Entropy capers about, spreading the foul smell all over Campcon Crackfiend is no impressed

The smoke disperses Darian observes the majestic beauty of the lake

Stalgrad lapses into unconsciousness Banba enjoys his morning yogurt

Lenzi returns from the parking lot, mumbling something about 'morning already?' Stalgrad starts hoarding beer and fireworks

Stalgrad sucks on a roman candle Entropy acts innocent

Entropy huggles Stalgrad's box warmly Entropy gets an evil idea

Entropy slings Stalgrad over his shoulder and heads towards the trailers The door is unlocked...

Look, a moth! Stalgrad rests contentedly, while Matt rolls over and goes back to sleep

Stalgrad has a cigarette It musta been good, she had another ciggie

People sit around, not quite awake yet Blayke stumbles off towards the cars

More general sleepyness Entropy!

Ramjett and Andrew Entropy is very happy to see you

Silea deflects an attempt at a picture Tyril looks um...heck i dunno, wierd.

Blayke A chair, apparently

Silea Ooga takes a pic of himself

Ooga again Ramjett and Entropy (he still has that tent...)

Sleepy Mike and Banba Andrew's tent is the last one standing Sunday morning

Banba plays with the little electronic bug-repeller Tedra, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Rika and Darian The sunday-morning remnants

Sprite arrives to take Tedra away Tedra and Sprite say farewell to Campcon 2002

Fubaria folds a blanket Andrew and Blayke pack up

Entropy, Matt, and Ramjett talk cars, Silea stalks off in disgust Lilhomy's girl emerges from the trailer

Silea has the sense to hide in the shade, unlike Ramjett Lilhomy

Matt and Entropy haul off some chairs Silea burns some evidence

Deserted Campcon Another view of Deserted Campcon

Ramjett wanders back to his car Mike forrages

Ramjett worships the car gods Neighbor-guy mounts a mower

Neighbor-guy rides in style Lilhomy's girl wanders around

...more Entropy, Mike, and Matt retrieve the US flags they posted in Little Canada

...and wander back towards the mainland The departing photo

Clay City um, road or something.

Someone tell us what that blue thing is Silea unpacks the car so it can be returned (look at the poor sunburned feet!)

With a car like that, you can't help but be cool.