Pics from "Danes in Helsinki" CON

Taisis and Moe went from Copenhagen, Denmark to visit Uncle and Specialk in Helsinki, Finland (21-27 november 2001). A few friends dropped in from Jyväskylä, and some from Helsinki too, and there was a party. The danes had brought 10 cases of fine, danish beer - but unfortunately we had to take most of it back. A few other mudders were attending too when there was not taken pictures: Zeane, Mursia, Valdec and Ashrok.

Welcome to Uncle's cosy place. The laptops are already up and running

Uncle's gf is posing.

Gf, Uncle and Moe (from behind)

Gf closeup (wtf is happening?)

Uncle closeup (i dont wanna know...)

Yet another fin (non-mudder) meditating

The dog is multiplaying

Zin running clones - Brock watching his nice exp disappear...

Bela posing

Nufan, Elmindos, Mandrake and Zin having a beer

Brock and Dalah relaxing

Specialk and Nufan having a ciggie break in the kitchen

Moe, Mandrake, Dalah, Elmindoes, Taisis (in front Jusifer and Nufan)

Jusifer, Dalah, Elmindos and Mandrake (and Moes head)

Nufan with gf, Mandrake

Moe and Jusifer, someones head

Fins are starting to pass out - Jusifer and Dalah down

Dalah resting, Mandrake thinking and Elmindos looking rather pale

use kick at nufan

Elmindos trying his best to look ok

Info: Mandrake goes link dead.