Dutch+ con.

These pictures were taken during the Dutch+ con, which was taking part 18.05.2002-20.05.2002 in Holland. Dutch mudders from all over the country were summoned by an evil Moe, who came over from Denmark to have some fun & beer. Unfortunately he fumbled and only Drum and Harambikkel showed up. There were rumours that Moss & Kato were also in town, hiding in the smoky shadows (ummmmm......), practicing the plant lore skill on mushrooms.

Day 1

Just arriving at Favo's appartement. Moe is grinning at Drum, who is trying to hide from the camera.

Moe is posing, looking rather silly.

Drum is surprised by the cameraman.

Arrived at the irish pub in Amsterdam. Where are those beers?!

Harambikkel is entertaining.

Harambikkel is looking rather stoned. (All lies!)

Moe is laughing.

Where are Moss and Kato? Puzzled...

Favorit is telling the stories.

Moe is posing, looking rather drunk.

Beware the black dragon!

Favorit peers greedily at Harambikkel.

Harambikkel sticks his tongue out at everyone and goes 'TTHHHBBBB'.

Sharing the pint.

Moss and Kato are still not there. Mushrooms are in season. Favorit has high hopes.


Moe's turn to entertain the public. Storytelling goes on.

Harambikkel is putting the mudly move on Favorit's wife (pathetically trying to complete the PR task)

Drum is hiding in the shadows, Favorit is posing, looking drunk.

Dinner is finally settling. And 4 pints really helped that a LOT.

trig: Mirror image -> Drum

What the hell do I look like? © Moe

Drum drinks, gulping loudly.

Harambikkel being on top of the world.


Harambikkel is rolling a joint.

Drum is having a joint of Drum.

Harambikkel keeps working on the PR task.

Drum is enjoying his beer...

... too much!

Day 2

Get all from bag.

Drum gives the juggling lesson.

Drum juggles with 5 balls (movie)

Juggling practice starts.

Group juggling by Drum, Moe and Harambikkel (movie)

The PR task is getting more interesting, Drum is trying to get people in, by teaching them how to juggle.

How many balls can you see in the air?

Dinner time. Studying the menu.

Harambikkel glares coldly at the menu.

Harambikkel boos in disappointment, while nobody can see it.

Awaiting the dinner.

Moe just sits there. Boring.

Harambikkel and Drum have no time to eat, watching the dancers.

Favorit smiles stupidly.

That's the last picture.