Sai's Juvacon pics, or Gildron's, mostly Sai's I guess!
Suvi and Tehran the goddess.
Laaban (probably considering pouncing on Tehran), Tehran, Suvi.
Tehran (holding Dali's cider, for a change ;), Dali.
Zup (??), Gildron, Laaban.
Rauta goes horizontal.
Ksahn on the roof.
Gildron (wondering how the camera works), Lerz, Zup, Balthas (grinning), Elero.
Kawasa and some weirdo.
Gildron (hiding behind Egall), Grizzt.
Venine spitting into the bottle, and Dali's ear.
Someone taking Elero from behind, Fobbis and Zin observing.
Dali, Tehran, uhh...
Lerz trying to break through the window.
Grizzt flirting with Egall.
Vulvanus acting cool!
Grillikatos, Grizzt, Lammas, Cealdyn, Venine.
Lerz, Kawasa (a friend of mine thought he was a girl in this pic), Calidus, Grizzt, Lammas.
Zup, Laaban in the back.
Venine, Tehran.
Rauta, risen from the dead.
Zup, Kawasa, Calidus.
Venine, Ksahn, Rauta (concentrating on passing out;), Zup, Gildron (still wondering how the camera works).
Vulcanus carrying refreshments, Dali in the background.
Rauta "tukehtuu pullaan", Laaban and his mansikkakeitto.

And Gildron's pics (apparently he figured out how to use the camera) :
Egall's ass, Venine's ass, Rauta's ass.
Egall, Venine.
Suvi (in the back), Sai, Tehran, Someone's eye, Venine
Sai's ass, Sai's nut.
Egall's ass, half of Sai.
Egall's ass from a different angle.
Sai failed to get crash recovery.
Sai's ass (not nude tho, whoa).
Kawasa, Cealdyn.
Sai, some others.
Gildron the fruitcake :)
Suvi, Tehran (hiding).
Tehran (almost whole), Sai and Gildron think alike: compare with juva4.jpg
Kawasa, Ksahn.
Venine, spitting into the bottle again :)
Venine (according to the belt) and Tehran in the back, Suvi and Balthas (the man with many funny faces!)
Darol, Hero, Grizzt, Rauta (still down).
Lerz, Zup, Balthas.
Kawasa, Calidus, Sai, Vulcanus, Dali (sitting on the bench) and Zup and Balthas facing them.
Tehran, Dali.
Rauta (choking again), Laaban.
Rauta, Zup, Laaban (headless), Kauralastut, Kawasa.
Gildron fumbles around with the camera, kuva-arvoitus.