KuopioCON III/20001 Pictures

Picture 1: Baltzebub, Heze, Myrkull, Cranax
Picture 2: Maejt gave Gurb nice Bona can.
Picture 3: Maejt smiling
Picture 4: Willi, Cyberlahko, Rodryn, Elero, Dino
Picture 5: Laaban, (Willi), Durtle, Walor, Catherina
Picture 6: Cranax, Darol, Orthanc
Picture 7: Laaban, Orthanc, Nina, (Ceewu)
Picture 8: Orgoh, Zin, Poe, Potato
Picture 9: Pomppis (delphine mud), Jeanika
Picture 10: Poe, Potato, Nerull and Baltzebub planning new eq-party.
Picture 11: Huppu, Arachon, Svp
Picture 12: Shumrena tries to hide.
Picture 13: Willi, Asolo, Nargar, Beliah, Luca
Picture 14: Amd sleeping.
Picture 15: Nargar, Ceewu, Asolo
Picture 16: Orthanc, Walor
Picture 17: (Huppu), Orgoh, Kiesi
Picture 18: Calath
Picture 19: Orthanc and Formse conversating , Poe sneeking at the background.
Picture 20: Darol, Arachon, Nerull
Picture 21: Maejt hugging Rutaliator.
Picture 22: Poe wanted to hug Rutaliator too.
Picture 23: Oku, Maejt, Rutaliator, Ceewu, Zhagaal, Someone's head, (Thaurwen)
Picture 24: Rippe, Zhagaal
Picture 25: Group pic, Ceewu, Potato, Juggelo, Darol, Beyond, Mandrake, Arachon, Jeanika, Poe, Zithromax
Picture 26: Zinko, Elyllon
Picture 27: Ceewu, Poe, Jeanika, Nargar
Picture 28: Badkarma, Gildron, Nina
Picture 29: Kiraffi, Zithromax(?), Gildron
Picture 30: Torc, Anakin, Nina
Picture 31: Someone dropped all sausages to fire.
Picture 32: Poe, Kiraffi, Maejt, Yoz, Gildron
Picture 33: Juggelo, Svp
Picture 34: Hoppalon
Picture 35: Rippe, Cyberlahko
Picture 36: Svp, Domar, Locray
Picture 37: Nwing
Picture 38: Luca, Lemure, Beliah
Picture 39: Willi, Rodryn
Picture 40: Orgoh check Kuopiocon2 and Kuopiocon1 too.
Picture 41: Hablo, Nargar
Picture 42: Huppu, Gore
Picture 43: Badkarma, Torc, Yoz
Picture 44: Pomppis, Dreoca
Picture 45: Pomppis, Arachon

Tue Oct 2 22:47:00 EEST 2001
Tero Koskinen