The unofficial Åbo Swe+Con Homepage

Note to participants:
Due to very inappropriate contents, I had to leave some
images out, since it is not my intention to start a porn site :-)
// Caveron

The contents of this web site may contain material that some people
may find offensive or inappropriate. In some communities, the
contents may be deemed to violate the community's norms or mores.
If you believe that you will find the content to be offensive,
inappropriate, or in violation of your community's norms or mores,
then you must stop viewing the contents immediately and go to a
non-offensive web site.

It is also possible that you may find images of yourself, and you
may in some cases not remember the event(s) in question. If that is
in fact so, then I recommend you to drink/inhale/inject a lesser or
no amount of legal or illegal drugs at the next gathering.

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