TeiniCon2002 pictures | Shay

Ok, Shay took the pictures, Juo and Saa scanned and Juo tuned the site up. Please inform, if you know any of the Someones in the pictures. Contact information available in the bottom of the page. Thank you.

  1. You puke on your shoes.
  2. Juki (?) pulls down his pants and moons his audience.
  3. Hoar shows his skills on the iske-teini-competition.
  4. He does it even better.
  5. Shay, Adgii and Chaust meditating.
  6. Party banish: ###
  7. Party banish: #
  8. Shay pulls out a cigarette and smokes it.
  9. Another iske-teini-competition result.
  10. Someone, Someone
  11. Kaappi-militaristi (Shay), Adgii and Someone.
  12. Shay and the lipstick.
  13. Someone, Kozma, Someone, Shadizar, Someone
  14. Someone, Killergum, Juo, Qwildor (?)
  15. SATAEL UNPLUGGED (Shay missed a bit though)
  16. Jagoman, Xunisiih
  17. Satael, Kozma, Someone, Shadizar, Hoar (who introduced himself as Tzager), Someone
  18. Shay's iske-teini-competition target.
  19. Someone, Someone, Someone (half of the head), Kozma, Juo
  20. Killergum closeup
  21. Juo, Walki
  22. Juki, Drifter (on his knees), Scaler, Rogar, Nedra
  23. Rogar, Nedra, Krokodiili
  24. Juo with light-sabre on his left hand.
  25. Adgii, apparently Killergum and someone behind him.
  26. People :P
  27. Juo, Shadizar, Someone, Killergum
  28. Someone, Killergum, Kozma and Glem Scanlan -whisky, Qwildor
  29. Joku Antti, Chaust, Satael
  30. Qwildor, Hoar
  31. Juo, Someone, Qwildor
  32. Shay
  33. Phineos
  34. People again.. (Caps in red shirt atleast)

Give me a hint if you know who the people on the pictures are. oktopus@77trouver.com. --Juo