Swe+ Con Vårgårda 2002 

*Cogline*,. Innuendo, Desdicado, Souc, Bombur, Culran, Malitrius, Ior, Ruffneck, Gotrek, Keffe, 
Trandar, Taisis (DK) and Desos (FIN). 

Location: Vårgårda, Sweden 
Arranged by: Cogline 
Photos taken by Ior 
Brought to you by Malitrius 

Malitrius, Taisis, Culran, Superelak and Gotrek
Bombur and Cogline
One of the 240 brothers that Taisis brought.
Ruffneck and Malitrius
Ior and its Ruffneck in the background.
The day after, Culran and Malitrius wins the hangover competition.
Malitrius with a hangover
Desdicado and Souc playing othello.
Superelak wearing the swedish colors and Taisis a gray shirt. Keffe in white and Trandar 
is the guy with the weird beard.
Ior catches a moment that shows the essence of Bombur when he is watching 
the test channel on TV.
On the way to the soccer game, in Taisis car.
Desos and Trandar
Malitrius, Gotrek, Innuendo, Keffe, Desdicado (Taisis far away). 
Notice Malitrius sandals.
Desdicado, Keffe and Malitrius. Bombur on his way out to save the ball.
BatMUD United 2002 
left to right 
Back: Taisis, Bombur, Malitrius, Innuendo, Souc, Keffe 
Front: Gotrek, Superelak, Culran, Desdicado
The people not playing. Ruffneck, Desos (hanging), Trandar and Ior lying down.
Culran and Bombur playing the farm game. Malitrius and Ior was winning
Ior showing how much money he still has. Both Culran and Malitrius had lots of money until
someone stole their christmas trees, weird game.
Trandar, Malitrius and Bombur
Desos with a picture of Cogline or Innuendo as young? Well it's Keffe in the background.
Superelak is standing and Ruffneck is trying to eat. Cogline had made a delicious meal
that night.
Bombur have impressed again with his mastery of fire building.
Bombur laughs at Desos attempt to make a fire.
Desdicado, Desos, Bombur, Culran and Souc. Souc shows his wizard skills in fire building.
Culran, Desdicado, Ior, Souc and Bombur. Culran is really impressed.