Our lovely hotel room at circus circusMerri at the lobby of the Excalibur hotel

We all hop into Merri's car and cruise the strip (at an average speed of 0.00001mph)Silea (left), Tedra (center), and Matt (right)

Entropy in the Cesars PalaceTedra(left) and Silea(right) posing as haughty mudder chicks

It's a bad photo, but there's Tedra(left), Entropy(center) showing his prowess as a 2-fisted drinker, and Merri(right)Tedra(left) and Entropy(right) obviously dressed up for the nice restaurant we were in

The batmud wizards reveal themselvesMerri(right) raises his Pepsi stein, and Merri's wife(right).

Tedra(left) and Entropy(right) look SO excited about the Tournament of Kings at the ExcaliburSilea(left) and Ooga(right) couldnt stay out of the pictures forever...

The tournament field after the lights were put out...
Blurry because of a slow shutter speed

Silea passes out after a long day of not drinkingEntropy gets into his room after a forced-march between the Excalibur and some other hotel nearby

Entropy shows off his swordMatt relaxes his feet.

Tedra.I overheard something about sword swallowing

How interesting can an inflatable sword be anyway?!And still!

About to take a picture of a naked mudder chick, and Matt has to go and put his sword in front of the camera just as the picture goes off.
The digital camera was too slow, and I couldn't get another picture off soon enough.
Sorry, mudders...
By the camera takes another picture, she's almost dressed...

Silea takes some pictures out the hotel room window sometime in the morning.More out-the-window-of-the-hotel-room pictures

And again.Bat Rentals?!

Entropy(left) and Lametoby(right) enjoy their breakfast on SundayEntropy hides from the camera

Entropy's food, despite being delivered ages after the rest of the table is done eating, looks just appetizingSilea takes example from the mighty wizard Entropy, and hides her face too

The farewell shotThe farewell shot, but more zoomed in