This is pretty much all the pics from VegasCon '99. and if you
haven't figured it out yet, Dayel is Shardik (he changes names
like most people change their socks).

All you need for a successful batcon...

Ooga, Dayel, Amarth, Mati, Belzoni, and Zartan

Ooga sporting the official Vegas-Con shirt

The official Vegas-Con mascot wearing the official Vegas-Con shirt, sampling Tomba's Minttu

Tomba and the official Vegas-Con mascot

Amarth and the official Vegas-Con mascot (and Tomba in the background, sulking)

The Stratosphere and Sahara hotels

Somebody's hand, Tomba, and Tarkus

Amarth, Belzoni, and Mati

Zartan, Tarkus, and Ooga

Dayel with a bag over his head

Dayel, reunited with his hat

Ooga starts his christmas shopping

1/2 of Amarth, and Zartan, Coren, Guymon, and Tarkus

Tomba 'blowing' his sheep

Tomba cuddles with the sheep

Tomba goes back for more

Zartan, the sheep, Amarth (disbelieving his eyes), and Ooga

Dayel, Amarth, and Tomba's legs

Tomba, snubbing the sheep, and someone's (Amarth maybe) hand

Amarth, smug after winning the sheep's affections, and Belzoni in disbelief

Amarth holding Dayel's hat hostage, while Zartan and Tomba watch

Tarkus, Amarth (equipped with a beer and an inflatable sheep...what more could an arch want in life?), and Mati

A present for Tomba next year maybe?

Tarkus's ~$60+ stuffed lion in it's new home (Silea's apartment)

Ooga getting his batmud fix, mere minutes after returning from Vegas-con