Greetings, fellow adventurer!

I bring strange news. On this date, 3rd of Dec 1999 at 11am-2pm EST, on the Great Lakes shard
something quite much unexplainable happened. I was just venturing accidentally
through the ''PK area'' at the Crossroads (Skara Brae - Yew - Britannia triangle)
when I encountered a strange lot, the Red Robes (RR).

At the steps of the very house which is and has been infested by the newbie killing
looter guilds WG, UH and (X) were tens of Red Robed characters with names not
familiar to my Britannian mind.

Here is an extensive collage, read from my mind just shortly after the ..event..
by the most proficient of Britannian Gypsies:

1st image
At first, everything rushed back to my memory as a gray blur, the strange robed
people spoke a language I could not comprehend. Leopold, a murderer, however I
could understand:

2nd image
A lot of carnage can be seen as the Red Robes attacked anyone who walked the area.
I myself was forced to retreat several times as they tried to overbear me by
surrounding me. There were tons of more of them stalking the fair countryside.

3rd image
What little I can remember of their names, in the middle of general chaos, several
Red Robes were killed. I'm hiding in the middle in hopes of finding more information
about this peculiar occurence.

4th image
The forces started to regroup. Nothing was said between the members, as if they all
were mentally connected. Only a few words were uttered during the whole episode.

5th, 6th and 7th images
Truly where they everywhere. At this point, the WG guild emerged to attack the
strange troops that seemed more like armed peasants than hardened warriors. They
also seemed unable to cast magic.

8th image
As I was not clad in a robe of red colour and became visible, I was quickly
surrounded and attacked by several of the Red Robes. However, my long trained
fighting skills and newly polished plate armour made me have the upper hand
even against nine assailants!

9th & 10th images
The incident suddenly gained the attention of several counselors, in this image
my mind views only three, but there were more of them around.

11th & 12th images
Funnily enough, it must have been WG who made the harassment call as the RR were
given heavy threats by higher powers. At this point one of the Red Robes actually
spoke what I could understand ''WE ARE REVOLTING''. An other of them said... if I
just could remember.. ''GIVE US HOUSING''... or so it was..

13th & 14th image
Suddenly, the Red Robes grouped into perfect rows. Nothing was said, they just
stood there!

15th image
As one of the WGs was shouting ''USA!'', I encouraged myself into a blazing praise
of my beloved home-country! After this, similar shouts about JAPAN and CHINA were heard.

16th image
Agitated of the attention, the WG started slaying the revolters without further
reconsideration. They threw in Greater Explosions and summoned sinister beings
such as daemons and vortexes.

17th image
Dingbat, a fellow Britannian felt compassion to aid the Red Robes and resurrected
the unfortunate ones who had suffered death by the hands of WG. He was assaulted
many times, but his iron will to aid the strange company held.

18th image
A tome that was left on the location by the Red Robes.

19th image
After several blade spirits were cast to slay the last opposition of the Red Robes.
Did they truly lose the battle or were these just corporal images of their bodies
before the real avatars march to wreck havoc on Great Lakes?

20th image
I begged for an explanation, why? ..this is what I was answered.. to this moment I
do not have knowledge of what this emissary's response might mean..

Your humble friend, Amarth Shdwstrng [Mercenary, RoF].