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Title: hacked..
Post by: Intti on May 21, 2011, 13:30:50
 Customer Service Notification
We are pleased to confirm that our services are now back online and more secure. We deeply regret the inconvenience this cyber attack has caused.
We take this issue extremely seriously and want to assure you that the protection of the data you have entrusted to us is of the utmost priority. As a result, we require that you reset your Station Account password as an added security measure, and recommend that you do this immediately if you have not done so already.
Password Reset
To show our gratitude for your patience and support, SOE is offering a Welcome Back program. As part of this program, you will receive 45 days of game time (30 days plus 1 day for each day of the outage), added to your Station Account. This game time applies to any game you have currently or previously activated on your Station Account.
For those customers currently on an active paying plan, this time will be added to the end of your current billing cycle.
For all other customers, your time begins upon your first login to each of the relevant games. Please note, you must log in to the relevant games by 11:59 pm PST August 31, 2011 to claim the game time.
Should you require game software, visit
Additionally, many games are offering a variety of items and special events to welcome players back. Get the Welcome Back Program details.
We continue in our commitment to deliver secure, stable and entertaining games for players of all ages, and again, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.
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