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Title: Calling all Veterans!
Post by: Hemet on February 09, 2012, 20:21:42
Calling all Veterans!

With great new adventures now available in the magnificent new House of Crom dungeon, the king is inviting you back as his royal guest! You can now take advantage of this unique opportunity to return and seek your fame and glory in the latest additions to the dungeons of Hyboria.

Featuring two massive new dungeon areas with a wealth of new items and rewards to claim, don't miss this chance to explore the House of Crom. You can claim 30 days of premium game-time for free, just by logging into your account and re-activating! This is a limited time offer and you must stake your claim before February the 22nd 2012 in order to claim your free premium time!

Over 600,000 players have swelled the ranks of the barbarian army since the summer - join us now and return to the gloriously bloody and brutal battlefields of Hyboria!