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Title: Hello - EQ / Acerbis
Post by: vansire on November 27, 2012, 18:34:24
Hi All,

Not sure if any one remember's me i played EQ for some time back 10 years ago (not sure if any one is still going still surprised to find this forum live)

When i left EQ I remeber lending my account to Acerbis does any one know how i may get in contact with him as i would love to log in and see whats changed in the world of EQ since it went F2P. (Even tried contacting SOE but looks like he changed my Secret password)

Also how is every one does any one still play EQ?

Vansire - Dwarf  :D

Title: Re: Hello - EQ / Acerbis
Post by: vansire on November 29, 2012, 17:49:01
By some miracle Acerbis contacted me via email and i reactivated my account --- The Dwarf is back ---

Does Veturi still have a pressence in EQ?

Title: Re: Hello - EQ / Acerbis
Post by: Sisevki on July 28, 2013, 14:07:56
Hi there!

I just returned to EQ a couple of months ago as well to see what the game was like these days with the 19 expansions (!) and all. Seems the game is chuffing on with its steady if yet small player base and it kept most of its play style. Only two major changes has been made that Ive noticed; addition of mercenaries - a kind of partner npc that makes grouping easier, and the game is now softcore (items no longer dropped on death but xp is still lost and it really sucks in lvl90+). However there are alternatives for those who prefer the old ways. Progression servers which will not progress until certain bosses, raids and challenges has been defeated. Then there is something called Project99 which puts the game back to 1999 and any progression is voted on before beeing released (go rubicite armor and original jboots!).
As for f2p I tried it out for about a week then concluded that if you want to put any serious effort into the game you need to pay monthly and get the two latest expansions (Veil of Alaris and Rain of Fear) which will open up special features like offline trader mode.

Lastly I want to say that there is no words to describe how much Ive missed Veturi in the years that has passed. I still wear my two epics proudly which you helped med complete over ten years ago. In the recent 6 years Ive spent in WoW no guild there comes even close to the familiarity I felt with Veturi, so I pray and hope some of you are still out there. And also curious about returning to EQ. Fennin Ro has been merged with Cazic-Thule so thats the server we're on now. Ive joined an american family style guild called The Stone Brotherhood, but I would not hesitate to return to Veturi should it flourish again in EQ.

Kind regards //
Neobix Frostbringer aka Sisevki Pyttesvans

Title: Re: Hello - EQ / Acerbis
Post by: Canardian on August 22, 2013, 21:19:36
Soon there will be EQ Next, which should be quite fun because it's Voxel based, so you can construct and destruct anything to the atoms :)

Title: Re: Hello - EQ / Acerbis
Post by: Sarago on September 09, 2013, 20:22:21
He Vansire, Sisevki... i'm still around.. not playing eq anymore.. was playing wow on and off.. just started my "off" 2 weeks ago. but i still check the veturi site of which i have so many fond memories from our eq days.

Title: Re: Hello - EQ / Acerbis
Post by: Acerbis on June 27, 2017, 01:08:26
Geez is dusty in here, almost died from my  allergies.