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751  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Weird 2fg raid-setup for hibs on: January 26, 2003, 19:06:18
If we were hibs this would be quite funny to test.
Group 1
3*Mana chanter

Group 2
Void Eldritch

An animist can keep up ~15 fire and forget turrets so 7 of them can keep up 105 of them. So the total number of attackers would be 124. That should give enough +hit bonus to pbaoe the mobs. The void eld is there to do 50% energy debuff on the mobs but could be replaced with yet another animist.
The zerg we had yesterday ~80 people was enough to nuke an icelord for around 150 so 124 attackkers should be enough to pbaoe just about everything.
752  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Mythic doesn't understand their own code on: January 25, 2003, 09:10:07
This is from today's grab bag:
Q: What effect if any does the quality of a proc tincture have on the proc rate of the weapon that said tincture is applied to? In other words, is there a difference between 94% quality and 100% quality?

A: According to the code we looked at, there is no difference between 94 and 100. I realize that many people feel that there is a difference. If you are among those that thinks it makes a difference, please feel free to send logs. At the top of the log, please list your results (in a hundred swings, how many procced) along with the name of the weapon with the tincture, and the type of creature or player you tested it against. Please note that you need to run the same test several times Ė one run through with each tincture isnít enough evidence, because you might have had a lucky run.

If I get enough logs (use the header TINCTURE QUALITY LOGS) that say otherwise, I will investigate again.

Now think what that means. Mythic employees read their code and saw that the tincture quality doesn't matter in procrate, however then they ask players to log fights, test it and prove otherwise! Only reason I can think of why they'd do this is because they couldn't really understand their own code enough to tell if it actually does matter and don't feel like testing it themselves. And I won't even bother to comment on their "test's" statistical value.
753  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Re:Crazy hunter spec :) on: January 24, 2003, 18:56:37
well you could always starts with 9sec stun but pbt blocks that too.

It sticks for about 5-6 seconds on Viikinki on Merlin (the back positional spear stun), and indeed you shouldn't try bladeturned classes as that simply won't work.

It would be weird if it stuck for any longer than 5 seconds since the back positional stun in spear is 5 seconds, not 9.
754  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Re:Great exp, again on: January 23, 2003, 12:05:04
He can still do a spec such as 48 chants, 39 two-handed, 39 slash, 20 parry, 8 shield. The 44 two-handed style is a chain to a sidestyle so I wouldn't expect to use it much in rvr anyway. There's also a bit more defence which isn't that bad to have really. Paska should have some extra points from autotrain too which should help.
755  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Re:Alb 8-man powergroup on: January 15, 2003, 16:31:19
Or we could name ourselves Omg, Lol, Wtf, Pwn, Joo, Woot, Ding, Gratz, Rofl, Mao, Muah, Gege and Huoh.
756  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Re:Alb 8-man powergroup on: January 15, 2003, 15:04:10
RVR populations at the end of August since they are the newest available to me. Counts everyone with more than 3000 rp and level 40+:
Server - Alb - Hib - Mid
Igraine - 411 - 477 - 354
MLF - 539 - 575 - 566
Bors - 324 - 399 - 480
and for comparison our own
Merlin 678 - 610 - 452

So August numbers aren't really good measurement, but reading from boards MLF and Igraine are both valid options to me although I'd prefer the less zergy Igraine over MLF.

Geryona, Raimo
757  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Re:Alb 8-man powergroup on: January 15, 2003, 14:38:03
Everyone seems to use slash except infils use thrust. After looking at the styles it's pretty obvious why, the 29 amethyst slash and its chain the 50 diamond slash both have very high attack bonus which explains why my defence doesn't work nearly as well against them as others as savage. Infils use thrust because of that dragonfang, doesn't do much good to merc though since it chains of evade and evade 1 isn't really enough to justify it.
Bors has huge midgard dominance at the moment, I'd stay clear of that server since huge imbalances do no one good. For example I don't think other than midgard has even been to df for months which would make money a pain to get as alb. I only added it to the list because albs are underdogs and that's what was asked. Igraine would still be my choice since MLF would be another zergserver like merlin and Kay has albion with 3 relics even with population disadvatage to hibs.

Geryona, Raimo
758  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Re:Alb 8-man powergroup on: January 15, 2003, 14:11:25
Regarding the server:
I have narrowed the possibilities to Bors, Igraine, Kay and MLF. All these have quite balanced populations, none really have a albs at huge population disadvantage. For some reason there are a lot of hibs on each server where albs are not population dominant so we can expect to see a lot of them around. This is imho good since a hib zerg is not that likely to run all the way to emain in one formation.
Personally I'd prefer a smaller server than mlf, there are always people around somewhere even on smaller servers and zergs are smaller on them even when they happen. I'd choose Igraine.

Geryona, Raimo
759  The History: mostly inactive / Dark Age of Camelot talk / Re:Alb 8-man powergroup on: January 15, 2003, 14:01:34
Count me in as (near) full rejuv cleric. I want to see why healing is so difficult I never receive it in random groups and it's one of the things I haven't tried in daoc yet. Other possibilities are scout and necro.

Geryona, Raimo
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