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1  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:Aerin'Dar key quest on: December 16, 2002, 21:35:04
Good luck, youll need it.
I think you are under estimating this fight somewhat...

He quads for 1350 (so 5400 per round) and hits very fast. He 2 AE procs and a DD.
One is a 3k lure based ae that has simply the biggest range I have ever seen on an AE, and this place is open, there is nowhere to hide from the AE.
Second AE is a DoT (not sure for how much damage) and a slow. Tanks were argueing about how much the slow was, but the general consencus seems to be about 50%.

DD is a straight nuke but is again a proc, not a casted spell, not sure what resist its based on but it ripped up the tanks.
Standard melee for PoP boss mobs, flurry's often, enrages.
Has roughly the same HP as Yelinak I would guess from the time it takes to kill him, but thats just a guess based on time to kill.

Most of the casters there were reporting a lot of partial resists after full debuffs so is fairly resistant too.

A big problem is the open ground the fight takes place on and people tend to get spread out, clerics were reporting people going out of healing range.

There are 9 or 10 Crystal goloms all conning even to a lvl 65 who wake in pairs once the dragon is engaged and add throughout the fight at a steady rate.

For a rough comparison for what its worth, the Fennin BH regulaly farm all the warders in Sleepers tomb, all the new crusaders in Skyshrine, Lord Yelinak, Klandikar and sometimes Sontalak, all pretty much on the whole with no casualties apart from Sontalak who tends to eat a few people.
All of these are moss snakes when compared to this glass dragon.

For a test of firepower for this fight, try Sontalak or some names in North Temple of Veeshan.
If you beat Sont or some of the named NToV dragons fairly easy you can probably beat the glass dragon.

If you cant take Sont you dont have a hope in hell of killing the glass dragon in PoV as he is currently, unless he gets retuned.

Hope that helps, good luck
2  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:ARR! on: December 12, 2002, 02:56:02
No, but the fact that she is 15 is Wink
3  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:PoP - Trial on: November 15, 2002, 16:38:16
Also some info on trials in Plane of Justice.

There are 7 trials and completing each one wins you a rune called a mark of 'X'.  i.e. completeing the trial of Execution gives you a mark of ececution, trial of fire gives you a mark of fire  etc etc.

Completing any one of the trials will allow you to speak to certain NPC's which in turn will grant you access to the Planes of Valor and Storm.
Completing all 7 gives you access to the 7th hammer and the tribunal himself.

The easiest is the trial of execution.

Some information on trials of Execution.

When your group is ported in to the arena, you will see a stage in front of you with a gallows on it and a human by the gallows.

Four mobs will spawn and they will be random either Plarg fiend types or rockfiends.
On the opposite wall a large hooded executioner starts to walk towards the gallows, when he reaches them he stands in front of them for a moment, then kills the prisoner.
Your job is to stop him reaching the prisoner by killing the mobs. Each time a mob dies the executioner resets and restarts his walk.

If the prisoner dies then the trial is over.

There will be four waves of four mobs.

After the 4th mob of the 4th wave dies the executioner becomes KOS and targetable. He hits for 750, kicks for 250 and every few second procs some sort of armour breaking AE that reduces AC by 300(i think).

The key to beating him is how you slow him, and for this you need an enchanter casting Tepid Deeds. Other higher slows, do land, BUT HAVE NO EFFECT due to some sort of slow mitigation.  I dont know about shamen slows, but ive done this trial a lot now as mages are in demand for these, and the only slow we have found that actually is effective is tepid deeds.

Rocks can be rooted while fiends can be mezzed. Rock fiends are summoned and can be banished by a lvl 60 druid or mage.

The best tactic we found is to run to the stage immediatly, casters on the stage, tanks on the steps up, this way the casters almost never get hit.

Druids and Mages rock here with pets and Banishment, and the perfect exe trials group is:
Tank, Druid(healer), Mage, Mage, Ench plus one other.

This group can cycle round swapping in and out the 6th member each time.

The key to winning this overall, is damage per second.
You have aproximatly 30 seconds to kill each mob, and there is no room for hesitation from anyone.
You will find out VERY fast if you dont have enough dps
4  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:PoP - Trial on: November 15, 2002, 16:15:27
Fires of Heaven have killed Terris Thule, broken into the plane of tactics and killed Vallon Zek, Tallon Zek,moved up and killed Mithanial Marr, Moved into Plane of Torment and took down Sarryn, Back to the crypt of decay and killed Bertoxxulus.

Currently they are entering Solusek Ro's tower.
They key to killing Solusek Ro is held by Rallos Zek the god of war in the plane of Tactics who is yet to go down, but expect RZ and Sol Ro to be beaten in the near future as the bane weapons needed to hurt RZ have just been found I believe.

I think the only thing left after that is the Plane of Time.
5  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:And so the epic adventure finally ends on: November 08, 2002, 04:42:34
That cat looks like its just about to shit, just like the cats that shit on my lawn. Dont let tat sweet lil face fool you. They are bastards.
Goddamn it, im going to get a gun an shoot the bastards in my garden one day.
6  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:And so the epic adventure finally ends on: November 07, 2002, 16:22:17
Not remember ? How could anyone forget the suicidal wizard. Grin
Hey dude )
I heard a lil rumour that you had installed eq again.
Wizards are all powerful now
Come back and ill power level you Smiley

Aye the tower was fun and it does seem like a gazillion years ago Smiley I went back there a few weeks ago and laid waste to it a few times just for old times sake )
7  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / And so the epic adventure finally ends on: November 05, 2002, 14:34:14
Last night Bahter finaly completed his epic.

Many of the fights were done whilst I was in Veturi and I could not have done it without you all.
I think everyone put in some time and effort over the last year to help me achieve this.

To everyone who has helped, both still playing and left for pastures new, I thank you.
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