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2011  Not playing anything? General topics? A new game? Discuss here! / General gaming discussions / Re:Autumn is nearing.. on: July 29, 2003, 10:00:11
The game is still lots of fun after a month. I player lots and lots during this month cause I had a month off work, capped my char in about 2 weeks (I slept on a few days too) and not really running out of things to do yet.

You're right about the different stories about it.. There are some people who really like it, then the others who really hate it. I'm not exactly sure why. I know one reason is the people who have really low tolerance for bugs get pissed off in swg pretty easy, I for one am not one of those, plus I've not ran into anything major personally that got in the way of my gameplay, just minor nuisances.

Some people complain that it has no "point", but I just dont know about that one. You cant really get all the cool high end items and show off with them as much as in other games since it's all crafted, at least for now. The main point of it at the moment would be the jedi stuff, although the quests still have some .. problems. The non generated quests have interesting storylines and all, but some of them get bugged easily and you cant complete them or have to redo them. (hearing from a friend who does almost nothing but missions, I havent had the time to put in to check them out except a few) I don't think they're quite finished yet :p

It also doesnt have big bad boss mobs to kill yet, but from what I hear they're adding some pretty soon. Really looking forward to that and the few other things that should be coming in a bit later on, like vehicles and player cities.

Crafting system is absolutely great if you like crafting, easily the most interesting one in any of the games I've seen so far.

Class balance is (surprisingly!) not quite right yet. They totally revamped a few classes just before the end of the beta and didnt really have time to test them, also why some of the higher level skills are just broken. The classes are playable though (well 2 or 3 or so of them are pretty damn broken and seriously need a fix soon, which should be coming) and been enjoying mine at least, even if its one of the ones with alot of broken skils. Will see how soon they get them all worked out and how it turns out to be.

Servers were going through horrible connection issues a while back, but havent really experienced any in the past week or something. But I've not been playing US prime time since then either, so hard to compare.

PVP I have high hopes for, it looks to be fun when they fix a few things.. Currently the system is unfortunately promoting bind rushing if the battles happen in towns (which most of them do). I don't know if I like the covert/overt system all that much overall, but I suppose it might work out ok.

Basically you get to choose if you play covert (undercover, cant attack others, you cant be attacked) or overt (full pvp mode). But there are exceptions, like if you're a covert rebel and you shoot at an imperial NPC, you get a temporary enemy flag and you'll be treated as overt for that duration. You can swap yourself to overt at any time at a faction recruiter, but going back to covert takes either a death or an hour of waiting after you talk to the recruiter.

The part where it gets tricky is that coverts can actually attack overts if an overt of their faction in their group gets attacked.. The attacker then becomes attackable by all the coverts grouped with the person who he attacked. This is somewhat abusable I guess, but I think it's intended you'll be able to do those "ambush" type of attacks. The thing I hate the most though is that when you kill someone in PVP, you get some personal enemy flag and the guy you just killed (killed people get reset to covert status) will be able to attack you, but you wont be able to attack him unless he initiates combat.

This is the part that really promotes bind rushing, specially when the damage people do is so high compared to people's hitpoints, 1 on 1 fights are mostly won in a hit or two. Because of this I've not really been doing pvp alot yet.

PVP rewards at the moment are faction points, that can be used to buy all sorts of things. Faction based armor only wearable while overt of said faction, personnel support (rebel/imperial trooper pets), guns, furniture (woo!), some other minor stuff, and also imperials get the AT-ST walker thingies as a pet type thing, and rebels get faction headquarters and turrets they can install. Not sure how those work exactly, they're very, very costly so dont think any exist in the game yet. You dont gain faction very fast from PVP though, so in that way the rewards arent that great right now, because you can get the faction faster from doing faction missions for npcs and killing npcs in general.

Combat system in general is pretty fun, but I guess the best point of the game is still in the non combat classes. It has alot of them, they actually work as totally non combat classes if you want them to be that, and the ideas of them seem very nice. Almost made me want to play one, but still decided I like combat better :p

Anyways, while I enjoy the game, and think its the best mmorpg that I've played since the early days of EQ, I wont tell anyone to buy it cause the opions on it are pretty divided. Dont want anyone blaming me for making them play a game that they dont like :) I know some definately wont. But for me, it's the first mmorpg that actually kept my interest past the first few days (or seconds) since EQ.

And to closing this, here's a review by a friend of mine, the same guy who's been frustrated by all the missions he does, he doesnt like the game much so here's a review from that point of view too:


(Probably cant make that link work right just so copy/paste the thing)
2012  Not playing anything? General topics? A new game? Discuss here! / General gaming discussions / Re:Autumn is nearing.. on: July 28, 2003, 10:30:02
I started playing SWG in the beta a few weeks before it released and ended up getting it soon as it was released.. First MMORPG after EQ I actually like, been keeping me quite busy lately.

Still unfinished but I'm quite convinced you wont find a MMORPG that's even near finished when it comes out. Having lots of fun there despite that, but of course waiting to see how all the new ones turn out.

Bloodfin server if anyone else ends up there. :P
2013  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:Ding 58 on: April 04, 2003, 08:00:16
2014  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:One for inyahin on: January 03, 2003, 18:33:42
Some corrections, amp is a level based thing, it starts out at 0.5 but goes up to 0.9 at 60 and 1.0 at 65, and the mod cap is 3.6 which can be raised to 3.9 with ayonae's tutelage
2015  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:One for inyahin on: January 02, 2003, 16:37:14
They dont stack Tongue
2016  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:Brief update on: December 20, 2002, 09:30:57
Just to make sure you notice it.. (I never do) check your private messages :)
2017  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:Aerin'Dar key quest on: December 19, 2002, 17:16:28
They're not, they're tagged unmezable, no mez spell will land
2018  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:Aerin'Dar key quest on: December 19, 2002, 12:27:53
Actually, one AE that's both the 3k dd and a 45% slow in the same, disease curable, 16 counters. Magic based resist on a -150 resist adjust.. The other AE is a fear and a 700dd + 500dot (I think) but it's pretty weak in comparision. Also -150 resist adjust, magic based, but both easy to resist with buffed up resists

Golems are not even con to 65, they're 62 apart from the named one which is (I think) yellow to 65, but none of them are mezable

Anyways, friend put it best, Aerin isn't really a raid, it's more of a "oh shit, nuke". Very messy fight.

You just pump out as much damage as you can with all resists buffed to the max, the ae isnt hard to resist with a bard. But it's still very hard compared to tov/first brood dragons due to the whole chaos that ensues with the adds and all
2019  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:Submit some items a single group of Veturi could camp on: December 10, 2002, 12:39:55
The weapons which drop in Ssra are not meant to be used as such, but they can be upgraded to really good weapons from a quest in the basement.

That quest is for the shissarbanes, ie snake only weapons, which arent even that great compared to the trouble to get them (best 1h being the warsword, 13/20 with banes added)
2020  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:Submit some items a single group of Veturi could camp on: December 10, 2002, 10:58:22
Would be ok with 2-3 groups at the imperials for general and arbiter most likely, although very slow. But if the advisor spawns, would probably be screwed, that thing is known to wipe out raids of 60 if not prepared well enough Tongue You can avoid him sometimes but if you get unlucky, he pops too close to you and will be forced to fight him

He casts a 900 damage fire ae with a -200 resist modifier and a very heavy gflux type push up/back component, with a 12 second recast.

General is a melee mob that rampages and procs harmtouch (as a random proc that is.. kind of hurts) and arbiter doesnt seem to do anything useful except gate and the occasional ch. But they all have so many hps it doesnt really matter that much
2021  The History: mostly inactive / EverQuest Talk / Re:Finally! on: December 10, 2002, 10:36:12
If anyone can find Solon's Chant of the Plauge I'll get to lvl61 asap! That song on it's own is as good as the druid Breath of Ro DoT and stacks with (all/most?) my other DoTs. With Plague, Magic, Fire, Cold and Assonance I should be kicking out about 340dmg every 6secs in DoT damage. At the moment it should be around about 290/tick. DoTs are great against long lasting fights but not worth the bother with short fights.

Chant of plague is just an upgrade to the chant of disease, so doesn't stack with it. The damage goes up from 33/tick base to 42 (at 65) so the difference isnt THAT huge.. If you want to start counting the exact damages on those, base damage for fire/ice/plague venom is 42, disease/poison/flame/frost 33, magic 22 and assonance 26. Add to those any percussion mods (AA/drum/puretone) except brass for assonance.
They're not really worth singing most of the time damage wise though, resists suck Sad

I don't have anything to do here so excuse my posting useless info Tongue
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