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Lost Dungeons of Norrath: #1 -- Deepest Guk
We take a closer look at the new zones featured in the latest expansion for SOE's EverQuest.
By Bryn "hardcore_pawn" Williams | July 8, 2003

GameSpy is pleased to present an exclusive series of interviews that will detail the five unique themes spanning 48 new zones offered in the next official EverQuest expansion: Lost Dungeons of Norrath. Today, we talk to SOE's Alan Vancouvering (Community Relations Manager) about Deepest Guk. Those of you familiar with the original Guk zones will know all about twisty, foul passageways and unmentionable beasts -- and those are just the player characters! Get the lowdown on what you can expect to see in Deepest Guk right here!


GameSpy: What's the story behind Deepest Guk?
Alan Vancouvering: Beneath the rotting stones of Guk and the surrounding swamplands lies the ancient under-city of the trolls. Long thought lost, these ruins now shelter a variety of unspeakable horrors. Yet, this foul sprawl of mud and stone contains an even darker secret. A cabal of frogloks, named the Witnesses of Hate, were converted to the service of Innoruuk by the magic of an evil cauldron. They seek only to build their strength and strike back at the newly blessed frogloks that have taken the swamps above.
GameSpy: What level of characters will the dungeon be designed for?
Alan Vancouvering: Deepest Guk, along with all of the lost dungeons, supports groups of levels 20 to 65. Each theme has a huge range of monsters and adventure types available. The Wayfarers Brotherhood, which is the group that has unearthed information about the possible locations of the lost depths of Guk, offers adventures for any group in that level range.
GameSpy: What are some of the innate traits of Deepest Guk?
Alan Vancouvering: The most noticeable trait of Deepest Guk is that it carries on the look and feel of the original Guk. You'll have the feeling that you are deep under the nastiest swamp on Norrath.
GameSpy: Will it feature twisting tunnels similar to Lower Guk?
Alan Vancouvering: Certainly. We wanted to make sure that people would know that they were in Guk when they entered these zones. Guk has been one of the most popular dungeons in EverQuest since the game was released. We wanted to make sure that the charm of the original was maintained and enhanced with the better graphics available to us now.
GameSpy: How will players find their way into Deepest Guk?
Alan Vancouvering: The Wayfarers Brotherhood holds the secrets to entry into the lost depths of Guk. Groups should talk with members of the Brotherhood to learn the locations of the entrances.
GameSpy: What kind of Froglok presence can we expect in there?
Alan Vancouvering: The Witnesses of Hate are corrupted frogloks. You'll find plenty of those nasty characters in Deepest Guk.
GameSpy: Is there any chance that some of the mobs will be NPCs with external quests?
Alan Vancouvering: We don't have any plans to introduce quests from within these zones, but each time you volunteer to help the Wayfarers Brotherhood you are, in essence, accepting a quest. What kind of quest you accept determines the nature of the creatures in the zone. Success or failure in your quest is determined by how well you perform in the dungeon.
GameSpy: What kind of unique loot will be uncovered in Deepest Guk?
Alan Vancouvering: There are all sorts of new loot to be found, some of it in Deepest Guk, and some of it as rewards given by the Wayfarers Brotherhood. The more work you do for them, the more they will like you. Succeed for them enough times and they may allow you to choose a reward from their acquired treasure horde. We're definitely keeping the tradition of discovery and reward alive in this expansion. We know how fun it is to be able to find and earn new treasure.
GameSpy: Tell us about some of the more intimidating monsters down there.
Alan Vancouvering: It's Guk, so you know there will be frogloks. Plenty of frogloks ... alive, dead, and some ... well, you'll see.
GameSpy: What's the single best part of Deepest Guk?
Alan Vancouvering: The artists were able to really re-create the feel of Guk, but with a few new twists. As with all of the Lost Dungeons, Guk has some really interesting new areas and points of interest. As designers, the best part is that we get to revive one of the most memorable places from our EQ past. Everyone remembers their time in Guk. Now we get to bring everyone more Guk!

For the players ... well ... it's more Guk!

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